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Support us!
The Observer's Staff

The Mutual Fund Observer is an entirely reader-supported non-profit operation. In setting up the site, I consciously rejected the recommendation to require a subscription because that would discourage the people who I most want to help: folks who are worried, unsure, and don't know who to ask. Likewise, I rejected Google ads as intrusive and slightly-creepy.

As a practical matter, our ability to keep things going depends on our ability to convince you that the Observer is worthwhile for you and your willingness to support it. I'm actually happy with that arrangement: I like the challenge and it's the same model Socrates used in his Academy. Students would complete a class, and then offer Socrates cash based on how much they thought they learned.

There are three simple options for supporting the Observer:

Use the Observer's link to

Once you click on the link, you may want to bookmark it so that your future Amazon purchases are automatically and invisibly credited to the Observer. Heck, you can even share the link with your brother-in-law.

For those unfamiliar with it, here's a sort of FAQ list:

  1. Will this cost me anything?
    Nothing. There is no cost to the Observer either. There are no hidden fees, extra charges, enrollment fees or “up charges” that will result if you use this link. It's part of Amazon's marketing budget.
  2. Do I have to do anything special to qualify?
    Nope. Just use this link to enter the Amazon website.
  3. If I already have an Amazon account, will my Amazon homepage look any different?
    No. It will look the same as always.
  4. Is this offer limited to people who are registered at the Observer?
    No. All sales are valid. Feel free to share the link with business associates, friends or family.
  5. Are there restrictions or limits on what I can buy using this link?
    You can use this link to purchase anything Amazon sells. This includes books, electronics, food, toys, clothes, etc. Everything counts, including items sold by third party vendors who market merchandise through Amazon.
  6. Is this a limited time offer?
  7. Does the link expire?
    No. Use it anytime!
  8. Will I start receiving junk email or spam because of this?
    Nope, just whatever you always receive from Amazon.
  9. If I have a problem with a purchase (it’s broken, wrong size, etc.) should I contact you?
    Dear God, no! This is simply a portal link that takes you straight into the Amazon system.
  10. How much good will this do?
    A lot. The Observer will receive 4-15% of the value of any purchase made through this link. The exact percentage depends on how many purchases are made in a given month and the type of items purchased.
  11. Will you know what I bought?
    Nope. It's all anonymous. I can track how many people used the link, how much got bought, how much was credited to the Observer but it's all completely anonymous.

You can also shop for investing and personal finance books through the Observer's Amazon store, accessible through the Books link on our navigation bar. Since the Amazon store highlights just our reader's best ideas on book choices, it's more limited than the Amazon link but offers really solid direction for those seeking to learn more.

Make a direct contribution through PayPal

Clicking on the link below will allow you to make a direct, one-time cash contribution to the Observer. PayPal will transfer your contribution to the Observer's account, minus their handling fee (about 2.5%).

Send a check payable to Mutual Fund Observer

Several members of the community wanted to be sure that all of their contribution went to support the Observer's operations, rather than just 97% of their contribution as with PayPal. We're sympathetic. If you'd like to send a contribution by check, or to write for any other reason, direct it to:

David Snowball
Publisher, Mutual Fund Observer
Augustana College
639 38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Fund companies and advisers have the ability to purchase reprint rights for copyrighted Observer Content. If you're interested, contact us.