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Ping: Brad, Chip, bee, Techies...highlighted tickers inoperative in my posts, others OK !!!

edited August 2011 in Technical Questions
I find this Sat. morning, Aug 13 that ticker symbols in my own posts are no longer highlighted and available to click upon, although I do find the tickers in anothers post to be highlighted and clickable.
No pc updates or upgrades at this house. What has changed?
Anyone else find that you see another posters tickers to be normal, but not in your own posts. "bee", you placed many tickers in your recent post regarding alternative investments, all of which I may click upon. What do you find when you look at "your" post?

NOTE: this problem appears to be in the time frame of the "auto-save draft" feature being turned off
Thank you and regards,


  • edited August 2011
    It is not related to auto-save being disabled and I saw tickers were operating as before after auto-draft save is disabled.

    There was also an attempt right after that to improve the regex pattern for detecting embedded tickers which fixed some issues and created other problems. Unfortunately this new regex does not seem to work when ticker is in first column.

    Test cases:

    1) Ticker by itself (no space/word before or after)

    2) Ticker in first column followed by a space and word
    FSICX word

    3) Ticker with a word and space preceding
    word FSICX

    4) Ticker followed by a space and word before and after
    word FSICX word

    5) Like #2 but a symbol instead of space

    6) Like #3 but a symbol instead of space

    7) Like #4 but a symbol instead of space

    8) Like #4 and #7 with space in place of one symbol
    word/FSICX word
    word FSICX/word

  • 1) Did not turn to link
    2) Did not turn to link
    3) OK
    4) OK
    5) Did not turn to link
    6) Did not turn to link and also ate the preceding word and symbol!
    7) Did not turn to link and ate the preceding word and symbol!
    8a) Did not turn to link and ate the preceding word and symbol!
    8b) OK

    So at this moment, the safest construct is the type a space before and after the ticker.
  • Trying 5, 6, 7, 8 with a different symbol: !




    word!FSICX word

    word FSICX!word
  • So same issues. It is not dependent on the choice of symbol.
  • Hi Investor, Thank you for your time with this. I did edit the funds boat ticker list and added a space before each ticker and highlighted is now normal. The space was not an issue before, so I will have to keep this in mind in the future when I have the tickers against the left margin.
  • edited November 2011
  • edited August 2011
    Reply to @Accipiter: The new code seems to insert an additional space between symbol and ticker. work/FSICX. There is no typed space after / and before FSICX. Also the following (ticker on first column) still does not work.

  • edited August 2011

  • edited November 2011
  • Hi Accipiter, Here is the MFO link to my post today, Sat., Aug 13.

    With the initial post, I placed the fund tickers against the left margin, as in the past. I checked the post and discovered no ticker highlights. Later, Investor noted to place a space in front of the tickers. I edited the post and the highlight was then okay. I have just editied the post again, and have removed the space in front of the first fund on the list FAGIX. The highlight function is missing again. I will leave this in place until you let me know you have had time to view this.

    Thank you, too; for your efforts.

  • edited August 2011
  • edited August 2011
    I'm seeing the problem, too. I wonder if it's browser based. I'm using Chrome. I'll go test some others.

    Edit: I cleared my cache and also tried Firefox 5.0 and still see the problem.
  • edited August 2011
  • That does not work for me. It is not linked at all.
  • edited November 2011

  • Reply to @Accipiter: The first FSICX in first column is a link but the second one did not become a link.
  • Reply to @Accipiter: MAPTX is not a link for me.
  • edited August 2011
    Reply to @Accipiter:

    MAPIX in your post did not turn to a link. Neither the one in this post!
  • edited August 2011
  • edited August 2011
    Morn'in Accipiter, Investor and chip,

    With our funds boat weekly listing/write, I have always parked the ticker symbol list against the left margin and without a leading space. Around the first few days of August, a Funds Boat write was posted and all tickers were highlighted when parked against the left margin. Sometime after about Aug 4, this changed. I can not define the date, as we were away on vacation. Looking back to our earliest post here for the Funds Boat (April 4) and all other weekly posts since, one finds no tickers highlighted that are parked against the left margin. Whatever changed has also "looked" backwards to all of the earlier posts with the same effect.

    We use XP, w/ SP 2 and IE 8. We have not performed any updates/upgrades to these. As with FA and other sites, I do use the F5 refresh often. Also, the lack of highlighted tickers at the left margin per this discussion (below) is not affected by a full cleaning/delete of IE history, temp files, cookies or cache at our PC.

    Per the link just above to our current write from Saturday, I will note again that I did go back into the write via edit and add a space before each ticker a the left margin. This allowed the highlight. I then edited a second time and removed the leading space only from the FAGIX (first on the list) and the highlight is gone again for this ticker. I do not have a problem with placing the space in front of the tickers, when the list is at full left margin. But, others have, and will do the same in the future when asking questions or posting a similar list that is parked against the left margin.

    The feature and linkage via the ticker is a wonderful tool and undoubtly very much apprecitated by all. A recent post had 3 tickers in lower case, which I know do not highlight and this is okay. Posters will have to learn to do uppercase; and I am sure board members will remind folks about this feature, too.

    Accipiter, Investor and chip, and Brad, too. I sure as hell owe you a beverage, at the very least. If any of you have a PayPal account, you may contact me via the private contact link available here and I will indeed move some electronic money your way, as a means of my appreciation for your efforts with MFO.

    chip and Brad. Having planned to do this before and with this thread offering the opportunity; I do hope both of you are readers of MFO. I, of course; do not know your prior or present involvment with your own investments, BUT you have to be aware that you are involved with the premier funds investment board. You will obtain first hand knowledge here about fund investments that is a vast cumulative knowledge of experience. One would have to pick and dig through many books and/or sites to obtain this cumulative knowledge, and much of this would not necessarily be first hand experience; one of the greatest investment learning tools available.

    Don't be shy about contacting me privately with your PayPal name; as my offer is most sincere.

    Catch/Mark #2
  • edited August 2011
  • edited August 2011
    Reply to @Accipiter: I am using Firefox 5.0 on Windows 7. IE 9 on Windows 7 and Safari 5.0 on OSX also has the exact same behavior. Firefox and IE are latest browsers.

    I've checked Firefox 3.6 on OSX and it was OK. But... I think I found the problem. If you look at the HTML generated br tag below is missing closing >. Firefox 3.6 is incorrectly displaying the popup link. Other more compliant and stricter browser are not.

    <br <a onclick="$.popup({}, '<iframe width=\'400\' height=\'300\' src=\'\'></iframe>')" class="autolink" title="Matthews Asia Dividend Fund Investor Class">MAPIX</a><br />
  • edited November 2011
  • The changes are posted, and the links look much better.
  • Hi chip,
    Thank you so much for your continued efforts. I ck'd our Funds Boat list, as I had removed the left margin space from the first fund in the list, which caused the no-highlight condition. This is now highlighted and linkable, as previous.
    Hoping that you also have time to read the board and absorb the fine funds investing knowledge here; along with the related areas and topics which also affect one's investments.
    Take care of you and yours,
  • edited November 2011
  • Howdy,
    Now that is a heck of a statement from an Accipiter or a Falcon, eh?:)
    Thank you again, too; for your efforts.
    Eastern Standard Time at this house indicates I need to hit the pillow.
    Take care,
  • Reply to @Accipiter: At this time, I see problems seems to be fixed.
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