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As of 2019, this page is no longer being updated.

The Risk Profile Search is designed to help you understand the different measures of a fund’s risk profile. Most fund profiles reduce a fund’s risks to a single label (“above average”) or a single stat (annualized standard deviation = 17.6%). Unfortunately, no one measure of risk captures the full picture and most measures of risk are not self-explanatory (eg., How would you do on a pop quiz over Martin Ratio?). Our Risk Profile Reporter allows you to enter a single ticker symbol for any fund and it will generate a short, clear report, in simple, conversational English, that walks you through the various means of risk and returns and will provide you with the profiles for a whole range of possible benchmarks. Alternatively, entering multiple ticker symbols will return a tabular results page, making side-by-side comparisons more convenient.

Miraculous Multi-Search is a more general, exploratory fund search tool than the Risk Profile tool above. It is especially helpful when you do not have specific fund symbols in mind. Rather, you want to search by criteria, like category, risk, or age group. It will list up to a maximum of 100 funds that match your criteria. You can also enter names or partial names, like Fidelity, Rowe Price, Emerging, etc, and you can limit the search to Great Owl funds.  If you find that you get a larger listing than you desire, you can then use the back icon in your browser and refine your search, or you can hide funds from the listing by clicking check all boxes, and then un-check the boxes you want to “view” and then click “hide checked boxes.” In summary, if you want to compare funds where you know the tickers, use Risk Profile tool, but if you want to get a broad swath of funds via risk group, partial fund name, category, etc., use the Miraculous Multi-Search.

Our Great Owl Funds have top tier performance in every trailing evaluation period of three years and more in their respective categories. We know that past performance should never be the primary driver of your decision-making, but working from a pool of consistently superior performers and learning more about their risk-return profile strikes us as a sensible place to start.

Our Fund Dashboard, a snapshot of all of the funds we’ve profiled, is updated monthly. The dashboard helps identify profiled funds of interest, as described in Dashboard of Profiled Funds. The profiles are grouped by broad investment type: fixed income and equity. Funds are listed within each group based on risk: lowest risk on top, highest risk on bottom. Life-time annualized returns are compared against cash (3 month TBill), aggregate US bonds total return, and S&P 500 total return. Returns that beat are highlighted. Hyperlinks to the fund profiles are provided. The dashboard is downloadable in various formats, including Excel and pdf.

Three Alarm Funds are the worst performers in their categories. More precisely, they have delivered absolute returns in the bottom quintile of their categories during the past 1, 3, and 5 years.