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  • Wonder where this "electronic money" would have birth? Who is left holding the bag?
    Last week, at least to my understanding; is that bond holders in the Spanish financial institutions, being non-government holders will now be named "secondary"; or otherwise to the end of the payout line, please !!!
    Similar to the "oh, well" for the regular everyday folks who thought their nominally conservative GM bonds would get them through the crap.
  • I wonder why no other news service has picked up on this rumor?
  • edited June 2012
    Hi PopTart,

    While Mr. Saut's theory is not written upon a tablet for us to view; I would find no surprise for almost anything that is discussed behind closed doors of the "rulers"; and to what they may conclude as being a "fix".

    Past this, it is indeed a lovely weather day in grand, old MI and I must return to the outside world for work.

    Take care of you and yours down there in AA. Don't forget that part of the words to learn for your young'in includes the vocabulary words of the investment world; so they do not seem a strange world later in life. And always fun for a few of these words to pass before the rest of the class and teachers in elementary school, too. Those days will arrive much sooner than you two may imagine.


  • Thanks Catch, excellent advice. I'm hoping for "mama" or "dada" to be my daughter's first words, then we'll move on to investing from there : )
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