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edited August 2011 in Fund Discussions
Despite the expense ratio...does anyone see anything wrong with this fund? Very strong and stable returns the past few years.


  • For those interested, it's the Rising Dividend Growth fund (ICRIX), institutional share class, offered by Dividend Growth Advisors (DGA).
  • ICRIX returns have been good. Turnover has been low. The only negatives I see are: (1) expense ratio of 1.25% is too high, (2) despite the low turnover, tax efficiency has been low, so prefer to use it in a tax-sheltered account, and (3) inception of Mar 2007 means it doesn't have much of a track record yet. I'd say shop around for other growth&income funds before settling on this one.

    Alternatives you should consider are: AVEDX Ave Maria Rising Dividend, YACKX Yacktman, FSDIX Fidelity Strategic Dividend & Income, VDIGX Vanguard Dividend Growth, and NGUAX Neuberger/Berman Guardian.

    Good luck!
  • I'd prefer the funds that Randy mentions in this space. Mostly because of familiarity though.

    Looks like ICRDX has about 10 percent cash and 20% foreign. A bunch of familiar names in their top 25 of large cap, stable dividend companies.
  • Maybe the expense ratio will come down as more money flows into. Apparently the investment team has had alot of success with their other accounts. We will see.
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