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focused / diversified fund pairs?

Can you think of pairs of funds, run by the same manager, one of which is diversified and the other focused?

Oakmark (OAKMX) and Oakmark Select (OAKLX) work, since Bill Nygren manages both. Ariel and Ariel Focus or Oakmark Global and Oakmark Global Select do not because the funds have different managers.

Yacktman (YACKX) and Yacktman Focused (YAFFX) probably don't because neither is more diversified than the other. Focus hold 34 stocks and Yacktman 38, but Yacktman actually has more of its money in its top holdings than does Focused.


  • Hi David,
    Would selected (83 stock holdings) and clipper (26) qualify (according to morningstar). Both are managed by Davis/Feinberg.
  • edited August 2011
    Marsico Growth (MGRIX) 47 stocks/35.57% top ten, and Marsico Focus (MFOCX) 31 stocks/ 45.01% top ten-according to Morningstar. Tom Marsico manager.

    Delafield (DEFIX) 60 stocks/39.42% top ten, and Tocqueville Select (TSELX) 30 stocks/ 45.42% top ten. Delafield and Sellecchia managers. (David Snowball ran an excellent profile of (TSELX) in Stars in the Shadows)
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