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Thoughts about Forester Value (FVALX)??

edited August 2011 in Fund Discussions
As a steady large cap fund. Good to add to my portfolio?


  • I've looked at Forester's funds. They're probably a very good pick for the right investor. They're very conservative and will tend to lag even other "deep value" type funds. But based on my analyses (from a while back) I came to the conclusion that there were other funds that fit my needs better. In a very volatile and unstable market, however, they're probably not a bad idea. I've actually been thinking of giving them my once-over once again.
  • Sorry -- should have also asked for some input on how your portfolio is constructed and what your timeline is.

    I find it interesting that some of his funds are down to around 15-20% cash. A while back they were well over 40% cash (as was, I believe, FPACX).

    Def. a disciplined value investor. Small shop. Small analytic staff. Seems to be a straight shooter.
  • I agree with Shostakovich, a good fund for the right investor. If you want to be invested in the stock market but are looking for the least amount of volatility and capital preservation is foremost of priorities, Forester funds are the way to go.

    I don't plan on buying the Forester fund, but I have gone to other funds that have the 'capital preservation' mind set. ARIVX being the latest of my additions. I've gone to funds that have risk conscious management. Funds like ARIVX, YAFFX, FPACX, PRPFX, HSTRX that allow me to sleep better. Of course these funds aren't immune to losses, but histrically they have out performed in bad times and done better than peers over market cycles.

    So, bottom line, I think Forester is a good addition if you want to be invested in stocks but also want a conservative fund to help you sleep at night.
  • Thanks for the feedback, my portfolio is rather diversified, and I want to have a portion of it in rather conservative funds. For instance, instead of going with a money market at very low return, I opted for permanent portfolio PRPFX. Now, I am looking at FVALX as a similar type investment.
  • its probably the most conservative stock fund you can find. I'd say that best describes its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Good people in this fund company. Consistent management style and philosophy. Maybe the best option for a truly low-volatility large cap fund. It was just about the only US equity fund that did not lose money in 2008. We use it in appropriate accounts.
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