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Berwyn Income Fund reopening

edited August 2011 in Fund Discussions

Reopening the Berwyn Income Fund (the “Fund”) to All Investors
Effective September 19, 2011

At a Board Meeting held on August 17, 2011, the Board of Trustees authorized the Fund’s investment adviser, The Killen Group, Inc. (the “Advisor”), to reopen the Fund at its discretion. The Advisor has determined that it is in the best interest of shareholders to reopen the Fund, effective September 19, 2011. This decision was based primarily on the Advisor’s view that recent volatility in the market has led to new investment opportunities for the Fund. Accordingly, the second sentence in the section Minimum Initial Investment Requirements, on page 20, is removed and, on pages 33 and 34, the section Berwyn Income Fund – closed to new investors is removed in its entirety.


  • "Volatility in the market" sounds like a euphemism for "the market plummeted". A high turnover fund might be inclined to look for more cash with gyrating markets, but a moderate turnover fund like BERIX will look for more cash if it's seeing redemptions (as people flee the market), or because securities now look cheap.
  • I have owned BERIX for over a year now to help give me some "up" side during good markets, with significantly less downsides during bad markets. So far it seems to have continued to do that well.

    I don't know whether opening the fund is a good thing or not - hope it's a good thing as I would like to keep this one.
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