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Width of the forum

edited September 2011 in Technical Questions
Please remove the artificial width restriction of the forum. I believe the restriction is coming from width:980px style definitions in screen.css. When that restriction is removed and forum listing is allowed to expand as wide as possible (limited by browser window size and in turn by the screen width), the experience is much better (titles does not wrap around, more messages are visible vertically, when a thread is entered, more of the discussion is visible).

Here is the inner frame of the forum without that restriction:


  • Unfortunately, I can't remove that width restriction without doing other work on the site. It keeps the forum fitting within the framework of the navigation and such. That other work may be happening soon, but not really soon. In the meantime, you can always open just the discussion in separate window, if that's your preference.
  • I understand. I think the frame work and banner graphic would be alright if they also extended the full with of the browser window. For navigation, you need to center it but the background colored band could extend the full width.

    I know, I've actually bookmarked the link above without the banner and graphic which leaves far more space on my laptop but I still see value in accessing the navigation bar for purchases, being able to access David's commentary etc.

    As for the banner graphic perhaps after a while we should drop the part "... in the tradition of Fund Alarm". This way, there will be more space left for content. I would actually would love if the graphic were integrated to the left of the nagivation toolbar in a slightly smaller size. This would even leave more space (2 lines) for more useful links to the site navigation.

    Just like I helped design the smaller and better organized popup window, I can come up with a concept version for you to look.
  • I think David's always open to ideas and suggestions, and I know that he's not tied to the site's current appearance. I'd love to see your concept.
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