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Having trouble finding the edit feature

edited February 2014 in Technical Questions
Revise, revise, revise...can't seem to find the edit option. Thanks to both catch 22 and cman (I editted this thanks successfully)


  • edited February 2014
    Hi bee,
    For your post here.........move the mouse pointer into the text area of your post and then a "gear" icon will appear in the top, right corner of the text box. Hover on this and you will see options and then an "edit" icon. Click the edit, for edit. You will only be able to edit text at this time............the bold, quote and URL insert, etc. goodie boxes will not appear. You can also "drop" a URL link into the text area at this time. If you need to use the "goodie boxes", you will have to start a new comment in your own thread or "use html codes language.

    Accipiter noted that this will likely be reworked in the future.

    Take care,
  • Unfortunately, the open source software as is usually the case is designed by techies that get carried away by "coolness" and feature creep then usability. This whole overdesigned hovering business is so 2000s in this age of touch devices.:-) But the price is right.
  • edited February 2014
    for anyone else who hasn't found out how to edit their own posts .....

    the "gear" will now be visible in all the comments that "You" posted. Just click on the gear and then click edit.

  • I'm definitely slow, but I'm steady...thanks Accipiter.
  • edited February 2014
    since you solved it, you are certainly steady.

    If you refresh your browser (re-load web page) the gear will now show up without you having to hover over comment , it may make it easier for newcomers to locate the gear and subsequently the edit option.

    Trying to react to user comments as best as we can.
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