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ASTON/River Road Independent Value Fund (ARIVX) Exceeds $300 Million in Assets


  • Investor, if you follow EC as it sounds like, do you know if his previous fund ever closed, and if so, whether it was a hard close?

  • I'm adding my .0025 million dollars to it this week and setting up a .0001 million dollar monthly AIP:)
  • Reply to @AndyJ: I do not remember his previous fund ICMAX ever closing. It might not have been his decision to close or not to close at Intrepid.
  • I don't remember ICMAX ever closing.
  • Thanks for the info ... AJ
  • As one of my not so great move, I decided to move into ICMAX from RYPRX(which I held from 2004), Soon EC left ICMAX. Getting out of RYPRX was not a great move in Taxable account and RYPRX performance was pretty good all the time I held it, I could have lived with under performance compared to ICMAX.

    In last few months, I started a new position in ARIVX and steadily been adding to it in my Taxable account, Hopefully EC will stay there for long and fund will perform like when he managed the ICMAX.
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