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Alternative portfolio/watchlist site?

edited September 2011 in Fund Discussions
In view of the latest bugs and mistakes at M*, I'm looking for an alternative site that hosts the same general type of fundamentals/price/return data for OEFs and ETFs as M*'s Portfolio Manager.

Can any MFOers recommend an alternative?



  • Hope someone has some alternatives for you, AndyJ. I'm also getting tired of all the "glitches" in M* portfolios.
  • Hi Cathy,

    I set up a simple portfolio at Yahoo; the Y. quotes are at least accurate for price/nav, and etf's are refreshed in a timely way, but it doesn't have all the functionality, e.g., return data for multiple time periods. I like that feature at M* when I'm looking for an alternative to an oef/stock/etf I'm not that wild about ... Yahoo has some nice features like % below/above moving averages and % below/above 52wk highs/lows, but they're only for stocks/etf's, not funds. I've used Y. a fair bit before because they have a pretty accurate archive of historical price/nav for funds & stocks.

    Guess M* is so unconcerned about all the snafus because they figure they've got a monopoly, so who cares about the customers.

    There are a lot of sites with portfolio features; just takes a lot of time to check out/compare. I may do a test at Marketwatch, and maybe Smartmoney. They both use Lipper data & ratings, which are at least as useful as M*'s.

    Good luck out there, AJ
  • Reply to @AndyJ: Thanks for your follow-up, AndyJ. I do use Yahoo, Marketwatch plus several others for my "compiled" Excel sheet on my funds, but haven't found any like M* that gives me return data plus lots other stuff. I do complain to M* whenever I find a problem, and sometimes they actually fix it. Let me know if you find another site with M*-like features.
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