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Change request: Auto save notification

Auto save of the message being composed is a great thing.

But the Draft saved notification that happens every so often is very intrusive in smart phones where it lands up covering the last line being typed and stays for way too long requiring one to pause frequently for the message to disappear with very little value from the message. I know there is an X to close it but even if that was usable on a small touch device, it is still too intrusive.

Can I request that it be turned off (just the notification, not the auto save itself) or changed to be something less intrusive?


  • I second this idea. It is very intrusive on the iPhone.
  • Thanks Accipiter. That was quick. Very much appreciated.
  • @Accipiter, thanks for the response. Did you turn off the auto save on mobile devices too? If so, can we please have it back?

    It is much more critical on a mobile device because chances of inadvertantly touching something to move away from the page are higher and going to another tab to copy and paste a URL or content often reloads the tab and so one will lose everything typed so far. The cure is worse than the problem!

    I was specific about not losing the auto save only the notification if possible.

    Sorry I posted the change request if the result is to make it worse. Sigh.
  • edited April 2014
    cman said:
    > Did you turn off the auto save on mobile devices too?

    >can we please have it back?

    request granted:)
  • That was a short reprieve from the annoying auto save notification. We tried cman.
  • any better now?
  • I'll give it a try.
    Yep that's the answer. The auto save function is handy, just that the notification hindered posting on mobile.

    Thanks much Accipiter.
  • Fantastic. Thanks @Accipiter. Much appreciated.
  • edited April 2014
    Ted said:

    @David: The Save Draft verification notice which appeared on left has not worked all morning. The Draft is saved, but you not sure until you come back to your draft.

    On non-mobile devices,
    there is no auto-save,
    when you click save draft, there will be a notification
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