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Ping Scott

edited September 2011 in Fund Discussions
Scott AQRNX looks interesting as you presented.. What % do you hold in your portfolio if I may ask?

Thanks , Derf


  • edited September 2011
    Probably about 3%, I also hold small 1% holdings in AQMNX and ASANX. I could see AQRNX being a bigger holding (5%?), but I'm not particularly eager to add to anything or start new positions in this looney market at this point in time. I did short bonds as a trade a few days ago and that's working (finally, at least for the moment.)
  • Hi scott,

    "I shorted bonds a few days ago and that's working (finally, at least for the moment.)"

    That would be a "nano-moment" in today's market place, yes ?

  • edited September 2011
    "That would be a "nano-moment" in today's market place, yes ?"

    Is there something less than a nano-moment? That would likely be an accurate description.

    The "short bond" trade worked out terribly to those who suggested it a year or two ago. However, at this point, unless we are heading into a situation that is worse than 2008, bonds at these levels just still don't make sense to me, especially if the end result of this is inflation, as I still believe is rather likely. It's not a large bet though - and it wasn't when I've tried it before - but I thought it was time to take another "little lotto" try at it. If it turns the other way again, then oh well.

  • Hi Derf,

    The institutional class of this fund, AQRIX, is available for no minimum in Fidelity retirement accounts with an initial $75 transaction fee; additional purchases may be made for $5 each using their AIP. We own a small position in AQRIX, which has been poorly correlated since inception with its bogey, VBINX, along with pretty much every asset class, including such funds as SPY, EFA, BND, TGBAX, PAUIX, and DBC. I will be adding to this fund gradually, as a diversifier in my portfolio, with a target 5% allocation.

  • edited September 2011
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