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  • bee October 2011
Here's a statement of the obvious: The opinions expressed here are those of the participants, not those of the Mutual Fund Observer. We cannot vouch for the accuracy or appropriateness of any of it, though we do encourage civility and good humor.

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Ping bee

edited September 2011 in Fund Discussions
Bee : With a little less than 3 weeks left have you started to recharterize? Also, do you plan on moving any $$$$s for tax year 2011?
Thanks for your time & thoughts.



  • beebee
    edited October 2011
    Hey Derf,

    I have hesitated pulling the plug too early on these accounts hoping one would shine through. Who would have "thunk" LT treasuries and Lean Hogs would be investment of the year.

    select year to date on this chart:

    As you may recall my accounts where set up to capitalize on a variety of sector bets...Energy, Health Care, Tech, Mid Cap, Emerging Market, Telecom, Real Estate, Precious Metals & Mining...I have really no winners.

    It looks as though I will be re-characterizing all accounts. I will give this market another ten days to make my final decision but I will live to fight (convert) for another day (tax year). My conversion was to span 2011 and 2012 so even this seems a bust. Would have loved to have helped the government out with some tax proceeds. I guess I'll be kicking it down the road as well.

    Are you in a similar situation?

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