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Does a thread becoming temporarily inactive while the author is editing the thread?

edited October 2011 in Technical Questions
Just wondering what others see while I am editing a thread.


  • Comments and replies are read from a database table. When a person clicks on a discussion subject the database is read and the comments and replies appear on their browser. If someone is editing the conversation, other users will not see any changes until two things happen 1) the person editing the comments has to save their edited comment (which is then saved to the database). 2) They must reload the discussion page to re-read the database to see any changes to the discussion either via editing or by other users adding to the conversation.

    So, when you edit a comment, nothing happens until you save it. And no one sees anything different until they reload the specific discussion subject, assuming they were reading the same discussion that you were editing.

    Same with messages in the inbox.
  • Reply to @Accipiter:

    Hi A,

    I often find this feature (edit) helpful...thanks for the work you do here for this forum.

    Thanks for your response,

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