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  • msf December 2011
  • Sven December 2011
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  • The listing is not complete. It only covered those with best 2011 performance. I would prefer each asset class are represented and detail discussion on the selection process well beyond a single year's performance.
  • It also covered those with the worst 2011 performance. (Psychic author - telling us the best and worst funds for 2011 with data just through Dec 2nd.)

    There's no discussion because there's no selection process - define the universe and list the top/bottom ten for the "year". As I wrote in another post - it's that time of year; top ten lists for 2011, top ten funds to buy for next year, etc. one can run a simple screen and get more data than you find in these articles.

    It says that it started with a pool of 500 US equity retail funds, removed those with assets below $250M and those with min investments over $100K, and then just listed the top and bottom 10 by "2011" performance. Morningstar's database lists well over 900 funds in this universe. That might explain how they missed funds like:
    - Akre Focus Retail AKREX
    - ING Corporate Leaders Trust LEXCX

    Or it could just be that they weren't sufficiently psychic, as funds like Invesco Small Co's (on their top 10 list, but well below that now) did not have a merry December (so far).

    Pay no attention to these lists, unless you want to play "spot the errors" games.
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