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New Laptop, help with my checklist please.....

edited December 2011 in Off-Topic
Morn'in Coffee,

Well, the old laptop has been a gem and a stable unit; but it was born in July of 2003 and is now ready for retirement.
I have started my short list of things to do and/or think about regarding file transfers from the old laptop to the new unit, including the existing printer and scanner, both of which are stand alone units.

The Windows OS is now XP, and a new laptop will be Windows again....Windows 7.


---I have a Targus data transfer unit via UBS that should allow the transfer of most programs and/or data files I choose to move to the new laptop. I know there will likely be some conflicts with some programs or files that were happy with XP, and will not be happy with Windows 7. Not unlike most here, we often use the common programs one needs: Flash, PDF and some of the Windows Office type programs, etc.

---Printer and Scanner: I would prefer to keep these two pieces in place; as they do the job. I will, be have not yet checked to find whether I will be able to perform driver updates and/or firmware updates so that they may operate with Windows 7. Hope, I don't really want to spend extra monies for either of these units that are functioning properly.

---The old laptop has Windows XP Office Pro for the Word, Excel and related programs within this bundle. I don't plan to buy this package; but will likely go with OpenOffice. I do recall some of the problems encountered by some folks with removal of the "trial" versions pre-installed on Windows Vista pc's. I will just have to deal with this as needed.

---'Course, there will be the cable modem setup and related; but I have done this before and should be able to stumble through all of this during the transition period. Actually, I have not checked; but some or all of this may be "automated" via the Windows programs.

I reflect back on the early days of busy phone line circuits at peak hours when trying to get online. Wow, the first pc came with the standard 28.8k phone modem........then the modem was bumped up to 56k speed. Amazing ! I recall reworking a modem stream program to get a little extra speed. I miss the sound of the dialup and that wonderful hum and buzz of the data stream.:)

NOTE: We have any number of local stores from which to choose the new laptop, so this will not limit our choices; except that we know we may find what we need in the $600-$700 range.

Anyway..........just a few quick thoughts from my end.

What other considerations might I have missed for this conversion ???

Thank you in advance for your additional thoughts and effort.



  • Hi, Catch.

    It sounds like you've already thought of most of the important stuff. You'll likely find that Windows 7 will make the driver installs for your printer and scanner easy, so long as the drivers exist. Also, the cable modem setup should be a piece of cake, now.

    You may want to check out a little tool at

    It lets you select all of the free downloads that you need for a new computer setup: Flash, Acrobat, browsers, instant messengers, media players and many common utilities. just to name a few. You place a check next to the all of the items you want, and the site builds you an installer program that will install all of the software without the annoying little add-ons that many try to sneak in (think extra toolbars and such). Also, you can run the entire thing at once, without having to click "next" several dozen times. Even better yet, it's completely free for personal use.

    The prices on laptops are really reasonable these days. My son will be getting a nice, basic set-up for Christmas this year and it cost under $450.

    You also might like this:

    Be well,
  • If most of your daily activities involve MS Office and email, then middle-of-the road laptops equipped with System 7 will do. Surprisingly Amazon offers very competitive pricing than those from the major PC makers (Dell, HP, Acers, and Lenovo).
  • Howdy Sven,

    Checking Amazon is on my list now. Thank you for that mention.
    And, yes; as with all the tech stuff over the years....the prices continue down and the features/hardware improved.
    Not far away is a local tech/'puter shop that has survived all of the big box places over the years, and still going strong after 25 years. We just may support them with a purchase, too.

  • edited December 2011
    Howdy chip,

    Thank you for your comments; and that "ninite" site looks like a most wonderful spot.

    I enjoyed the "dialup modem" video. A recently viewed movie had a scene showing a person using a dialup modem system (sound on)....I smiled and paid more attention to that brief period, versus what the actors were discussing.

    Knowing that you are busy too; hopefully, you do get some time to sort through the great knowledge base of thoughts here, related to investing. Tis the best spot on the net for civil discussions, regarding funds.

    Take care of you and yours,
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  • Reply to @catch22: Give Amazon a consideration. It is very easy to return stuff to Amazon as well. Also, if you order via Amazon, make sure you follow the link from this site and you will be supporting MFO without additional cost to you.
  • Reply to @Maurice: HP might have an updated driver/utility package for your printer for Windows 7. Did you check the web site?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Reply to @Maurice: That is too bad. I have a 10 year old workhorse Epson scanner (SCSI) and all. Epson continues to upgrade their drivers for each OS upgrade. In the meantime a newer Epson scanner that cost a lot less than the old one, broke after less than one year.
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