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Online credit card payments

edited December 2011 in Off-Topic
For those of you that do this, have you ever scheduled a payment for a due date that falls on a weekend or holiday? Was it accepted or were you considered late because they don't process payments on those dates? I schedule mine ahead but I'm curious to know if anyone has had it work.


  • It's probably best to check with the CC payment processor.
    I do not schedule ahead but know that authorizing a payment up to Sat. noon works with some bank cards, whereas others accept payment authorization through Sat. 5 p.m. (as paid that day). It's nuances like that you want to be on the right side of in having payments credited to your account.
  • Not sure Mark, but am positive they've got it worked out and fully disclose.

    More to the point, while I do not authorize any automatic deductions, I have read several times to have it to a separately numbered account that can be insulated from your other accounts.

    just a thought,


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  • @Maurice I'm not having any pay problems but I am curious. We all know that if a credit card company doesn't get your payment on time it hits you with a late fee. (never done it & not going to start now).

    However, as an example, I have a credit card payment due on January 1st. That happens to be both a holiday and a Sunday. Before the days of online payments one had to have their check in the mail such that the credit card company received the payment by Friday/Saturday mail delivery (this assumes you are one who sends their payment in just on time). If you sent it in on Friday and the card company didn't get it until Monday you were considered late.

    These days I can see at the credit card company website that my January 1 due date is not grayed out and in fact the card company pre-inserted Jan 1 as the date of payment. So I'm wondering if I go with that will everything be hunky-dory or should I do what I generally do and schedule the payment for the Friday before, in this case Dec. 30.

    I suppose I'll have to call the card company and see what their policy is.
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