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  • Folks who frequent sites like MFO probably know their household net worth at higher percentages than average. Was somewhat surprised at how high our household net worth is in comparison for our age group...does that mean we are actually doing well compared to our age group or the overwhelming majority of our age group needs to save better?

    I have had a strong, seemingly natural, desire to save and invest since my late teens. Much of that comes from watching my parents and others struggle to make ends meet and concluded I never wanted to live that way if avoidable...knowing full well that there are life events that are out of our control that can change one's situation in a second.

    Our home equity accounts for less than 20% of our household net worth.
  • The Depression Generation or as a better title, The Greatest Generation not only taught the importance of savings but showed it in their actions. Recent generations have become more and more spoiled. Nobody says no to their children anymore. They grow up feeling like they deserve everything.

    Over on Wealthtrack, Consuelo interviews Charlie Ellis who makes the clear case that people today are not saving at all.

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