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Finding a tax advisor

Need some advice from an expert around tax consequences of restricted stock options and strategy, preferably in San Diego area. How does one go about finding a reputable one. Are there some consumer/official ratings besides just a CPA title?


  • Angie's List perhaps. Sometimes if you are on good terms with a respected CPA, if they don't know the answer or aren't sure, they will refer you to someone in the know. At least the good ones will. As a last resort you might take your question to the broker who is holding your options.

    Good luck.
  • Use your Professional contacts and acquaintances, any Pro. you do business with, Successful People use successful people.....
    I gave 100's of people my accountant's contact information, they were happy and I got nothing...he doesn't give discounts.... only money saving Tax advice...that I got...
  • @Kaspa: Some reading for your tax on restricted stock options. Forget Angie's list, it's not free. TPA suggested professional contacts which is thr right direction. If you have a brokerage account with a major broker, they can call upon their tax experts generally for free.
  • Thank you all. Have done a lot of research myself by reading, but read enough to know that I can definitely benefit from a professional advice. My account is with Schwab and will check with them, as well as seek some references from successful friends, as Tampabay suggests.
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