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Wisconsin Ends Kentucky's Bid for a Perfect Season

Hallelujah!!!! The Kentucky one year pro players get beat by the Big Ten Wisconsin "kids"
Enjoyed every don't care who wins Monday...but Duke has had their Day(s) maybe time for a New Name Winner....


  • @TPA: I had Wisconson going to the championship game, unfortunately against Iowa St. Interesting Chicagoland connection between Mike Krzyzewski and Frank Kaminsky besides being Polish. They both went to Catholic High Schools in the Chicago area. Kaminsky went to Benet Academy in Lisle Illinois, and Krzyzewski is a product of Weber H.S. in Chicago.
  • Glad to see NCAA finally ponied up some cabbage for parents of players to make the trip. I believe it was $3 k + another $1k for the final.
    Go Badgers,
  • Too bad about Harrison comment about Kaminsky after game .
  • edited April 2015
    Just a quip meaning 'F that guy', is all. Funny in hindsight. But bound to be misunderstood.

    It's always good for people full of themselves be thunderstruck-humbled. Even when they're youngsters. They were a good team and did impressive teamwork. But boohoo, seriously.
  • F that N---- is not Funny, but coming from a black its OK funny....
    If Kaminsky would said F those N---- from Kentucky we beat their Asses.,...
    The liberal Blacks would have went nuts...
    WHy is it not the Same??

    Side note: 4 white guys from middle America dominating a Blackmans game....maybe a bigger part of Kentucky's (racial) problem with getting for thought...
  • Of all the ill-advised insertions you do here, Tb, please, begging, please do not introduce your own uninformed foolery about race. Please.
  • The N word has no place in any conversation, period. That includes coming from a black person's mouth. Why the self denigration?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I believe that to be so @Maurice. All races have their specific slurs but only the black race as far as I know continues to use it. Perhaps if they would stop using that word, it would end up in the ash heap of history like the others. I've had similar conversations as well. The younger people seem to be more radical or frustrated. Maybe it's a generational thing?

    Let's promote content of character instead.
  • When I was playing sports 50 years ago Blacks used the N word toward their own all the time, so I'm not sure about the Generational thing, their best Name toward guys like me was "white Boy" like hey White Boy what you going to do now during a game.....
    but calling a White boy N---- is a new one...maybe the next step in race relations? You think?
  • Sigh, okay. From a nonwhite it can mean 'guy' (as here), or 'loyal pal', or 'dumbass'. Nothing much to do with color. The first, for the last many decades, as Tb points out.
    From a white person of course it means none of those things unless uttered as selfconsciously ironic (which is almost invariably lame and unsuccessful, maybe not for someone fully plugged in like some white rappers); otherwise it's as offensive as can be.

    >> only the black race as far as I know continues to use it.

    Well, gay people often use their subgroup derogatory terms for all sorts of similar purposes and with even more humorous effects. And some female subgroups likewise have appropriated slang and slurs (newspapers now have to run Pussy Riot news whenever it appears). By 'black race' you probably mean African-Americans, I guess --- African-French and African-Scottish and African-Australians don't use such terms so much, I think.
  • Kind of like Obama's pastor bound to be misunderstood!! You go TB !!
  • Wisconsin certainly came to play tonight. Only time (and talent and experience) was on Duke's side. Good final.
  • >> certainly came to play

    Well, not Dekker so much.
  • Coach K (Bobby Knight Disciple) into Immortality and NO Name calling by Wisconsin "White Boys"... the Wonder/Joy of to the Golf Course its Tuesday
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