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  • Mark December 2015
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Whitebox To Liquidate Its Mutual Funds As Redemptions Rise

FYI: Whitebox Advisors, the $3.85 billion investment firm whose equity head Jason Cross resigned this month, plans to liquidate its three mutual funds on Jan. 19 after losses and redemptions in 2015.

The firm, founded by Chief Executive Officer Andrew Redleaf in 2000 and best known for running hedge funds, announced the move on its website Monday.

“It was a strategic decision,” Amara Kaiyalethe, a spokeswoman for Minneapolis-based Whitebox, said in a telephone interview. “People were redeeming and the concentration risk to our investors who were remaining was just too high for our comfort.”

Whitebox Website:


  • English translation - our methods really sucked last year and we don't have a clue. Please stop yelling at us and just take what's left of your money back.
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