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TEXT limit, I blew-up the fund chatter box fella :):):)

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions

Funds Boat report will get posted in two parts today, sometime.

Did me thinking out loud with the words, did the post thing and whamo....1,524 pieces of text...TOO LONG was the message.

Fundmentals, where ever he/she may be; would not be pleased either.

BRAD/CHIP....apparently a text amount limit is in place.



  • edited November 2011
    I think the default limit is 8000 characters.

  • Hi Accipiter,

    Thank you for your time and efforts with this.

    Will just have to limit the writing of any thoughts I have; which may be a good thing to others...:):):)

  • edited April 2011
    Well Catch, thanks for supplying some excitement. Most we've had in a few days. Do look forward to reading your reports. Ahh, If you caused that much damage with your word count, no tellin what MJG could accomplish here. Wishin he and some of the others would check in. Take care.
  • Hi Catch22. You do not have to divide your post into two discussions.

    Just divide it into two posts in the same discussion. Post the first half as the discussion and second part as reply to yourself.... That way, you keep both parts together and also reduce clutter on the board.
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