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Any thoughts on Arbitrage - Event Driven (AEDFX)?

edited May 2012 in Fund Discussions
Looking for a conservative/market neutral fund to store some cash and have been thinking about AEDFX. Does anyone have thoughts on it or how it compares to the Arbitrage Fund or similar style funds?


  • Event-Driven is a multi-strategy fund that is more risky than Arbitrage (ARBFX), but still not something that is likely to generate more than singles on a yearly basis. AQR also offers a rather similar fund and there is the former Penn Ave Event-Driven, Quaker Event-Driven, which is a more volatile (in comparison) fund - if things haven't changed - pretty much by one dude.

    I think it's an interesting, low-key strategy but certainly one has to keep expectations low in terms of returns, which are going to be consistent, if minor.

    I also like Sierra Core Retirement (SIRIX), which is a fund-of-funds with a conservative (hence the retirement title), absolute return-style approach. It also has provided a pretty decent yield, although I can imagine that possibly changing at times depending on significant shifts in holdings.

    There's also Pimco Unconstrained (PUBDX).
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