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Chip - Could you get rid of Test (activity) from my profile?

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions

I've posted to my Activity and later deleted the activity. The activity post remains on the post and hitting clear next to hit temporarily clears the web page but it comes back when you refresh the page. The only way to get rid of the post is to post another one as a replacement. I would like the "Test" post to the Activity page gone.


  • Investor,

    I'll have to poke around in the database a bit to see if I can find a way to do this. It's not an immediately apparent fix.

  • edited April 2011
    Here is the fix Chip

    Investor is userid 64

    "about" is the name of the field that contains the "test" in the share box for the his profile.

    GDN_User is the table.

    setting it to "" will get rid of the "test" and the box.

    UPDATE GDN_User SET About = "" WHERE UserID = 64

  • Thanks for the fix, Accipiter! It worked like a charm.
  • Thanks Chip. Ultimately, the clear link needs to be tied to the above update statement.
  • edited November 2011
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