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How to delete a comment from "save draft"

I tried high lite & delete & also back space to no avail. when I go back to thread it still appears.
Thanks Derf
P.S. Should the edit "button" be used ?


  • edited October 2016
    Hi @Derf
    K. Here's the deal. Assuming you're using a pc.
    1. At the normal discussion board list, viewing all the threads
    2. On the left side of the display, one finds the "Start New Discussion"
    3. Below this is a column, "Categories", etc. In this column is the "My Drafts"
    4. Click onto "My Drafts", which opens your saved "drafts"
    5. Place the cursor on the "subject line". At the far right of the subject line you will see a small "x". Move the cursor onto the "x" and it will become "highlighted". Now click the "highlighted" x. Delete will be the delete and the draft is history.

    Let me know if this doesn't operate as noted.

    Take care,
  • Thanks catch22. I hope I can remember that for later use if need be.
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