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TEST: etf ticker symbol versus std. 5 letter fund ticker, lost highlight and thus linkablility

edited November 2016 in Technical Questions
Hi @chip

The below, with missing highlight for etf's, started/changed around Nov. 10. At least with this laptop.
Anyone else find the same status?

Thank you and Regards,




  • This happens when I am not logged in. I can see and select your fund ticker above and I am logged in to MFO. Try simple things first.
  • Hi @bee,
    Always logged in when here.
    The normal blue highlight is missing from the etf tickers. The only tickers I recall never being in highlight are stock tickers and I recall c.e.f. symbols, too.
  • I just tried MF & etf & both worked on this end at risk profile.
  • edited November 2016
    Hi @Derf
    Post a few tickers of each type here into text box, to find what happens.
    Do you see the IEF ticker in my first post )or now) as highlighted in blue and when the mouse pointer is hovered, one may also see the description of the fund???
  • beebee
    edited November 2016
    Here is a screen capture of your first entry which shows IEF neither blue nor underlined. PIMIX is blue, underlined and I can select it for research.

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