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Looking for Emerging Market Currency Exposure in WisdomTree Emerging Market Currency Fund ETF (CEW)

edited April 2011 in Fund Discussions

I'm new to this board but I'm looking to add a small position in Emerging Market Currencies to a diversified portfolio. I'm most interested in the Real and Yuan but I prefer diversified funds. Gold also makes sense, but I'm hesitant to buy gold when it has attracted so much attention because I don't trust myself to pick good entry/exit points for something so volatile.

I'm looking at WisdomTree Emerging Market Currency Fund ETF (Ticker: CEW), but in my ideal world there would be an cheep no-load open-ended mutual fund with exposure to a basket of currencies including the Real and Yuan and maybe some gold but without large exposure to the Euro, Pound or yen. That probably doesn't exist but I was wondering if anyone had anythoughts of gaining this type of exposure.


  • Euro, Pound and Yen are NOT emerging market currencies. They belong to developed country currencies.

    Since you mentioned Real (Brazil) and Yuan (China), emerging market funds in local currency is your best choice. You should able to check out the WisdomTree ETF on Morningstar on its currency exposure. Otherwise some good choices are listed below:

    Pimco Emerging Local Currency Bond, PELBX
    TCW Emerging Market Local Currency, TGWIX

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