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  • Here's the thing about Bruce: he's kind of getting what he deserves right now.

    When Bruce was made Morningstar Investor-of-the-Last-Quarter-Century (or, whatever it was), he was jumping out of his skin to keep taking in new money. There wasn't an investing show Bruce wouldn't appear on, under the ruse of "...this is the most convenient way for me to invest with my shareholders...". Sure, Bruce. Investors even called him on it in the quarterly calls and etc.

    So, after all that hot money came in and subsequently cooled of, Bruce starts popping up in a bunch of stories about outflows and liquidity risk. Seth Klarman, you ain't.

    So, if you could overlook Bruce's wild misjudgements with regard to personnel as chronicled by Barrons and others c. 2011, you had to deal with his cheesy pre-recorded investor Q&A's.

    Still can't decide which of Kenny Heebner or Bruce Berkowitz I'd rather invest with.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • That would be a hard decision. Heebner turned $5k of ours into $172k or so from the 1980s on, but I eventually bailed too, yes. Forget what my success was w Berkowitz, but same separation eventually.
  • Erik sure does a great job as an interviewer.

    Interesting sock choices for both.
  • @Shosty, if only more of my investment decisions and timing were as good.
  • Hi guys, back from Alaska!:-D

    So I'm still playing with the houses money with both Habanero and Dorkowitz.
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