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FMI to Quit as Advisor to FMIRX

edited July 2012 in Fund Discussions
Based in large part on David's review, I have been a shareholder of FMI Provident Trust for a couple of years. Performance has been mixed but I appreciate the funds's approach. FMI has now decided to quit as the advisor to the fund (, which may be due to the fund's failure to attract assets and its recent performance. The sub-advisor would take over, which may mean nothing more than the back-office will change. Any thoughts on whether I should jump ship as well?


  • edited July 2012
    It looks like the managers are staying in place and keeping the same investment strategy, so I don't think there is any reason to bail just yet. Keep an eye out for management changes and/or extra expenses.

    Of course, this assumes you are actually satisfied with the fund. Not all of David's reviews can be winners. The reviews do have a way of making you feel better about them, though. I own quite a few myself.
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