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Polen Global Growth

I had bought this fund because I was impressed with interview I saw with Julian Pick. Now he is no longer managing it. Anyone own this fund? Would like to hear their thoughts. Normally when manager bails, I bail.


  • @VintageFreak: In The LCG fund category, I own TRBCX a far superior fund.
  • @VintageFreak

    This fund has been in my portfolio since 2015. Watching to see what happens with current fund management and holdings makes sense. Polen Capital executes a specific process. The remaining managers know that process. The firm has been putting some focus into international investing in recent years. I'll hold on to see how things go in 2018. Given the low turnover rate and small number of holdings, I don't expect there will be any rapid decline in performance over the short term due to the management change. So, I don't feel a need to make a rushed decision.
  • Thanks davfor. I only have a smattering of this fund. I was going to DCA best on my ANALysis but like some of my other positions I initiated, things have just been moving in one direction so never had opportunity to invest more.

    Like you I think I will hang on for a bit. I know people like POLRX better than PGIRX however I felt the latter has/had promise.
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