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Is there any Technology fund manager akin to Kris Jenner of PRHSX

edited August 2012 in Fund Discussions
PRHSX mgr Kris Jenner is an M.D./Doctor and he is quite successful mangaer of Trow Price Health Sciences fund.
Is there any manager in Technology field (Mutual funds), who has technology background and also a successful investor/fund manager ?

Thanks for your help/asnwer.



  • I am not sure whether the manager of the recently closed fund Prudential Jennison Health Sciences, PRHSX, has tech background, but his fund was doing even much better than PRHSX.
  • Thanks Andrei!

    Looks like I did not explain it clearly.
    I am not asking about fund managers of Healthcare funds but similar fund manager(r) in Technology Sector. A mgr, who has the background of Technology and also skillful investor.
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