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  • Ted February 2018
Here's a statement of the obvious: The opinions expressed here are those of the participants, not those of the Mutual Fund Observer. We cannot vouch for the accuracy or appropriateness of any of it, though we do encourage civility and good humor.

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3 Reasons To Love Equities When Rates Are Rising

With CPI making headlines this morning..........

Nice chart on on what US equity sectors, style and size do better in rising rate environment. Jodie Gunzberg writes:

"There is overwhelming support for small caps followed closely by mid-caps, and for inflation protection, energy seems to be most sensitive"

Again, based on historical data. Future periods still are yet to be known.


  • @Bud: The headline CPI numbers set off a knee-jerk reaction that sent market down at the open, but just as I predicted in an earlier discussion, it have now recovered and is well into the green.
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