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Best Of Luck With Your New Board

edited April 2011 in Off-Topic
Dear David: Hope Mutual Fund Observer.Com becomes a big hit !!!


  • Yes, thank you David for the new board and hope it is a success!
  • Ditto what Ted and Kenster1 said - should be a raving success! Looking forward to hanging out/lurking/posting here, as well as learning from those who are so much more knowledgeable than I.

    Thanks so much!!!
  • David, I echo the wishes of others. If this is even half as successful as FundAlarm, it will be a great place for learning and sharing.
  • edited April 2011
    Congrats David (and your geeks) and Thanks for your continuing Excellence
  • David, thank you for having the courage to carry on FundAlarm's mission. May you/we all live long and prosper.
  • David,

    Thank you so much for making this happen. Best wishes to you, your support team and the site!!

  • David, thank you for making this happen.
  • Howdy folks.

    This is nath from
    Looks of this site is great!!!
  • David, Thanks for everything. Have fun in Oxford.
    Ted, thanks for getting mutual funds posting and links going already!
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Feels comfortable already. Big thanks to David, Roy and everyone who had a hand in making this renaissance a reality!
  • David,

    Congratulations and thanks for (MFO).

    Happy investing...

  • Thanks to you and your colleagues for hosting a new fund forum!
  • edited April 2011
    Best wishes and thank you!
  • I'll be here. Most of the time only lurking.
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