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SFVLX - Seafarer Overseas Value

What is Andy Foster looking to achieve by not making this fund available on NTF platforms like SFGIX is? SFVLX is not gathering any assets and surely a fund has to reach critical mass after which it can always be hard closed.

Looking for some insider track here.


  • I can only guess that he's looking for true believers in the fund, himself and his process. Brokerage availability pretty much allows investors to jump in and out with changes in the wind direction whereas investing directly with the fund sponsor tends to keep clients sticky.
  • I was able to buy SIVLX from Fidelity.
  • I buy directly from Seafarer to qualify for institutional shares with monthly direct deposit. It doesnt help with statement simplification. You can always contact them, they are very good with responding to inquiries
  • Mitchelg said:

    I was able to buy SIVLX from Fidelity.

    You must have plonked down $25000 and/or paid transaction fee?

  • My Fidelity rep executed the order for $15,000 with no transaction fee.
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