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help, I need a title!

I have a story without a title.

Here's the story: the NYS Attorney General has been pressuring fund companies (large and mostly load-bearing) to release the active share information for all of their retail funds. The AG notes that the companies admit that this is relevant information (they routinely release it to institutional investors and use it internally in assessing managers), but don't like sharing it with the result of us (it's "not useful" to most investors). The AG implies a second motivation for withholding the information: some of the highest-fee funds are among the closet indexers.

Fidelity already releases active share, now 13 other firms have agreed to provide it quarterly "for relevant funds." I link to the report, talk about the relevance and limits of active share, link to ActiveShare.Info and talk about using the info.

It's useful, timely, relevant ... but I got nothing for a title other than "Blah blah blah active share developments."

Any thoughts of what we might title it?

Curious, as ever,



  • edited April 2018
    some starters.....

    NYG AG forces fund companies to come out of the indexing closet

    Are you paying for Active Share or Passive Returns?

  • Fund Companies Stingy with Active Share Data

    Funds Being Passive Aggressive about Active Share Data

    Time to Share that Active Share Data
  • Using the Active Voice
  • The Active Share Double Standard
  • beebee
    edited April 2018
    Title - Active Share Request May Expose High Fee (Closet Index) Funds
    sub title - NYS Attorney General Investigates
  • edited April 2018
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @David: "Active Shares Come Out Of The Closet"
  • Thanks! You're very good.

  • @Ted - perfect!!!!!! Now I just need R Kelly to change his song 'Trapped in the closet'.
  • Now, I'll have to re-write your story to fit the music of 'Trapped in the closet'. Or, Weird Al's Trapped in the drive-thru'.
  • Managers decide to get Active. Not!
    Get Active, I Say!
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