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International Meltdown Coming?

edited May 2018 in The Bullpen
Unless I'm mistaken, the consensus estimate from all ANALysts on Wall Street was go International/Emerging markets for 2018. Even "famed" and "gamed" value investors called for Emerging Markets stocks.

Don't they know they should not be speaking aloud? Trump takes things personally. Make America Great Again? No Kidding! Am I glad I took gains in WAEMX at TDA and didn't finish rebuilding the position at Schwab.

OAKIX down 2.93%. VTPSX down 1.69%. Yikes. I'm wondering if best to lighten up on international holdings. I'd been overweighting them all year.
OTOH, TRRLX and TRTFX, i.e. target date funds held up well. VMVFX down "just" 0.65%. VGWLX down 1.00%. Basically Global / Allocation held up well. BUT OAKGX down 1.93%.

PS - I decided to give you all a "headline" before you get them tomorrow from all financial pron websites.
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