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Pimco Rises Under a New Team at the House That Bill Gross Built

Interesting article on Pimco's Ivasyn and Roman management relationship at Pimco. Also a tidbit that Mr Ivasyn sent an email to Bill Gross In April that wasn't well Received by Mr.Gross.


  • Great story. Thanks for sharing. As a holder of several of their CEF's I couldn't be happier with the performance and returns they've earned for me to date.
  • edited June 2018

    What is your take on those whose premiums have rocketed upward, assuming you own some?
  • PTY is scary but only because I expect that at some point there will be an outside event which will give some folks cold feet causing the price to drop. I had been reinvesting the income but I am just collecting it now. PDI, PFL and PFN much less so but of these the charts are saying that PFN could be added to. PCI could be bought but I already hold way too much.

    PGP, which looks ridiculous on the surface I have been reinvesting in. As you know it's an equity offering but it's trading at roughly half it's usual premium. It's trading at the low end of it's 52-wk range and if nothing else PIMCO has shown it knows how to handle the portfolio.

    It's only fair to add that my viewpoint may be slanted by the knowledge that my purchase price for all of these is below the current 52-wk range. Common sense would say take the profit dummy but where else will I find those returns. YMMV
  • was just asking about the delta wrt nav
  • Way above and beyond my pay grade
  • Great article. Thanks for posting.
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