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Request / Suggestion

Can we have a "Links" mouse-hover which drops down to a bunch of website certain poster(s) keep linking articles on to on a minutely basis? Like ritholtz-blog-but-don't-flog, awealthofcommonsensewhichisnotcommon, etc. etc.?

Every time a new link is posted on those websites, is it necessary to post a link here on MFO, so everyone has to scroll tomes? If anyone wants to discuss a specific article THEN they can perhaps post the link and comment? Anyone who wants to read can simply hover over "Links" and select their same favorite websites and keep reading new articles.

Whaddya say MFO'ers in chief?


  • Click on the "Discussions+" link and you'll only see discussions which have, well, generated discussion. Clicking on "Fund Discussions" has a similar effect. We're not looking to spend time or resources reprogramming the board beyond that.

    Take care!

  • I was going somewhere else with this...but ok. Thanks.
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