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Large or midcap

Moving forward which one do you see more potential for gains?


  • edited August 2018
    In short words ... Both.
  • @Bobpa: In my opinion, for the foreseeable future, a rising tide lifts all boats. I agree with Old-Skeet, and would add SCG.
    LCG Funds:
    YTD 13.78%
    3.yrs 15.02%
    5.yrs. 15.05%

    MCG Funds:
    YTD 13.30%
    3yrs. 12.98%
    5yrs. 12.49%

    SCG Funds:
    YTD 19.43%
    3yrs. 15.26%
    5yrs. 12.60%

    YTD 8.66%
    3yrs. 17.23%
    5yrs. 13.76%
    Source Lipper
  • Keep in mind growth has outperformed, recently, so at some point the market may rotate to something else. As Old_Skeet eluded, it would be best if your portfolio was prepared for either.
  • As Facebook stumbled badly recently, even the FAANG stocks are vulnerable to bad news. There is already rotation in other stocks and sectors which I think is healthier for the overall market.
  • LCV has the most potential, say many 'experts'
  • @MFO Members: In my opinion, MCG will continue to outperform MCV as it has for the last five year.
    YTD = 12.73%
    3yrs. =15.38%
    5yrs. = 12.25%

    Source M*
  • Old_Skeet said:

    In short words ... Both.


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