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MFO Ratings Updated Through August 2018

edited September 2018 in MFO Premium
All ratings have been updated on MFO Premium site, including MultiSearch, Great Owls, Fund Alarm (Three Alarm and Honor Roll), Averages, Correlation, Dashboard of Profiled Funds, Fund Family Scorecard, Calendar Year Performance and Ferguson Metrics.

This month with added a Trend analysis option to MultiSearch Results page, which indicates when funds are above or below their 3- and 10-month simple moving averages. More on that in the upcoming commentary.


  • edited September 2018
    O'Shaughnessy Funds rose to MFO's "Upper" Family Rating this past month, which is good to see. All its 5 funds have fared very well against their competition this past year.


  • edited September 2018
    Since inception Hussman funds have been one of great destroyers of capital in the mutual fund industry, except for the fees they generate, which are currently as high as 2% per year. And even still, they maintain an AUM of $600M. Can you believe that?

  • @Charles
    One could almost think, that these funds are part of a long term study of human psychological tendencies, knowledge and clear thinking relative to investing, as compared to sheep; and that one can anticipate the release of a 500 page book detailing the long term findings.
    I will presume that some of the investors may actually be dead and that their estates have not yet sorted the facts and discoveries.
    Take care,
  • @ catch22: I think you hit the nail on the head.
  • TedTed
    edited September 2018
    @MFO Members: Forgive catch22, some time he has a tendency to over think the situation. The simple answer can be explained in two words-- John Hussman idiot, Shareholders idiots
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