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IOFAX SEMPX Buy Sell or Hold?


  • beebee
    edited October 2018
    What are your concerns with these funds? Day to day, IOFAX seems to move in very small increment (price) and then pays a nice dividend monthly/yearly. They both have a short life span (open in 2014) so pretty much untested in down markets. @Junkster or @Charles or others could probably provide a better synopsis of these strategies and there place in your portfolio so I'll stop here.
  • If it's as simple a question as it sounds, then imho it's buy or hold. I've been redirecting $ to both as I've reduced CEF holdings.

    Like bee, though, I'm not entirely sure why the question ... you might get more specific replies if you were more specific about your thinking and/or concerns. As always, whether and how much depends on your asset allocation and the appetite you have for the various flavors of risk.
  • I use these two funds to fill in my bond portion of the portfolio along with a short-term bond fund. 30-35% total
  • how the heck are these funds doing this? I know if I buy they will start tanking.
    All who own this funds please thank me.
    I have RPHYX, RSIVX, and FPNIX
  • VF, Thank you!
  • MikeM said:

    VF, Thank you!

    LOL. you are very welcome.
  • VF, Thank you!
  • edited October 2018
    Bobpa said:

    I use these two funds to fill in my bond portion of the portfolio along with a short-term bond fund. 30-35% total

    @ Bobpa, are you saying you have 65-70% is in stocks? If so, and you're roughly retirement age like a lot of us around here, you've got quite a bit in equity/credit risk already, so I'd put relatively more in SEMPX (more balanced risk; see the holdings on the Semper site). If it were me, in retirement as I am, I'd strongly consider adding to IOFIX and reducing equity a bit.

    Of course, I may not be interpreting your brief posts correctly; if not, what I'm saying shouldn't play any part in your decisions.

    Good luck, AJ
  • 50% Equity 50% bonds/cash Retired over 14 years and no withdrawals
  • I also have hold positions in SEMPX and IOFIX.
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