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Lipper: The Month In Closed-End Funds: November

FYI: For the first month in three equity CEFs on average witnessed plus-side performance
on both a NAV basis and a market basis, gaining 0.67% and 1.30%, respectively, for
November. Also for the first month in three, their fixed income CEF counterparts
posted positive returns on both a NAV basis (+0.11%) and a market basis (+1.00%).
While worries about slowing global growth, global trade, and declining oil prices kept
investors on edge, a strong nonfarm payrolls report, dovish comments by Federal
Reserve Board members, and upbeat comments by U.S. officials about the then
upcoming G-20 summit meeting pushed U.S. stocks into positive territory for the
month. The S&P 500 Price Only Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average Price Only
Index—gaining 1.79% and 1.68%, respectively—posted the strongest returns for the
month, while the FTSE 100 Price Only Index (-2.22%) and the Xetra DAX Total Return
Index (-1.73%) suffered the largest declines of the broad-based indices
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