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MFO Ratings Updated Through November 2018

edited January 2019 in MFO Premium
All ratings have been updated on MFO Premium site, including MultiSearch, Great Owls, Fund Alarm (Three Alarm and Honor Roll), Averages, Dashboard of Profiled Funds, and Fund Family Scorecard. The site now includes several analysis tools, including Correlation, Rolling Averages, Trend, Ferguson Metrics, Calendar Year and Period Performance.


  • We're about to go live with ratings for our rolling average metrics.

    On MultiSearch screen, punching in top quintile 5-year rolling averages for vanilla (no leverage) mixed-asset mutual funds, etfs, and cefs since start of current cycle (November 2007), while never going negative over any 3-year rolling period, delivers just 12 funds.

    Here are the top 5, sorted by 5-year rolling average returns ...

  • OK, we're live.
  • edited December 2018
    Symbols for the top five: PRWCX, BRUFX, PROVX, MAPOX, VWELX. More on MAPOX soon.
  • edited December 2018
    Mairs & Power past 7 years through November ...

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