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Will someone with access please ask Alexa, Google Assist or Siri "the" investment question and post

.....the results here.

My question would revolve to: "Should I invest in the U.S. stock market today?"

Thank you,


  • Amazon Echo tells me that I can open Bloomberg as I have enabled it earlier.
    Google Home says that she can't answer that. But I left out U.S. and she read me something from Fidelity.

    Personally, I always use my Magic 8-Ball for my investment decisions.
  • edited December 2018
    @Catch22, In response to your query: Amazon’s Alexa says “Sorry. I don’t know that one.” However, I’ve found that if you repeatedly ask the same question several days a week, the WIZs at Amazon will eventually program a clever answer into their system. I suggest you buy one of the devices and try doing that.

    Apple’s Siri, which I use when driving, will respond to “How are the markets doing today?” with a detailed up to minute summary of where the 3 major indexes stand, coupled with some limited analysis like “down significantly” or “up sharply”. However, I haven’t figured out how to get her to provide the price of gold or oil. On the latter, she’ll usually locate a page on the topic (hard to read when driving).

    Also, with Alexa say: ”Wikipedia.” She will than ask “What shall I look up?” Than provide almost any topic (T. Rowe Price for instance) and she will read verbatum from the Wikipedia article on that topic.

    Want to add up your market losses to date? Alexa does math (including percentages and metric conversions) very well and repeats the numerical sequence to avoid any misunderstanding. (But she’s not yet in the same league with @msf):)
  • DaveSch said:

    Personally, I always use my Magic 8-Ball for my investment decisions.

    You too? ;)
  • edited December 2018
    DaveSch said:

    Personally, I always use my Magic 8-Ball for my investment decisions.

    rforno said:

    You too? ;)

    No Sir. When really confused I play “spin-the-bottle”. The more empty she is the better it works.:)

    BTW: Alexa has the ability to generate random numbers. Would work better than spinning a bottle if you’re in a hurry (like at 3:59 EST) and don’t have a bottle handy.

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