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Foreign-Stock Fund Hopes To Bounce Back From 2018: (MSEAX)

FYI: MainStay MacKay International Equity Fund (MSEAX) had a tough 2018. However, the fund’s leaders, like other foreign-stock managers, are optimistic that underpriced foreign stocks will create opportunities in the new year.

The $295.5 million mutual fund invests in foreign, high-growth equities and posted a negative return of almost 12% last year, which portfolio manager Carlos Garcia-Tunon ascribes to a number of factors. First, the fund has been hit by slowing economic growth in a number of countries. Second, rising U.S. interest rates have taken a toll, causing many foreign currencies to weaken against the dollar, which can eat into the performance of international equities in U.S. dollar terms. Third, the continuing trade-policy debate—notably between the U.S. and China—has had an impact on stocks around the world.

M* Snapshot MSEAX:

Lipper Snapshot MSEAX:

MSEAX Is Ranked #13 In The (FLG) Fund Category By U.S. News & World Report:
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