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Consuelo Mack's WealthTrack Preview: Guest: Hersh Cohen,Co-Chief Investment Officer, Clearbridge

edited January 2019 in The Bullpen
January 10, 2019

Dear WEALTHTRACK Subscriber,

What are the keys to the market’s well-being? In a recent letter to clients, ClearBridge Investments’ Co-Chief Investment Officer Hersh Cohen blamed mixed signals over Fed policy and trade tensions for last quarter’s volatility and said, “If the Fed backs away from several rate hikes, if the president stops overtly criticizing it, if the trade tensions ease, then stocks should do nicely.” He believes all are within the realm of possibility.

In the meantime, this value-oriented investor and his team says they have “no problem holding some cash reserves while sticking with excellent companies. Dividends helped cushion declines in 2018, and regardless of market direction, they should provide some comfort.”

We have an exclusive webcast EXTRA interview with Cohen this weekend. He is one of WEALTHTRACK’s designated Great Investors for his 30-year track record running the Clearbridge Appreciation Fund, a Morningstar Silver medalist which edged out the S&P 500 with far less volatility during his tenure. Cohen also co-managed the Bronze medalist, ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Fund from 2009-2017. Both funds have been turned over to his long-time co-manager and ClearBridge Co-CIO Scott Glasser.

Since 2008 Cohen has periodically shared his “Dividend Compounders List” of companies with great balance sheets and histories of growing dividends with WEALTHTRACK’s audience. It’s been a very popular item! We will have his updated list on soon.

On the TV edition of WEALTHTRACK this week we are repeating part 2 of our exclusive annual outlook with Wall Street’s #1 economist, Evercore ISI’s Ed Hyman and leading global fund manager, First Eagle’s Matthew McLennan. Both aired over the holidays and we don’t want anyone to miss them. Their focus this week is the unfolding global slowdown and what it means for economies and markets.

If you’d like to watch any of our programs ahead of their official broadcast they are available to our PREMIUM viewers on our website about 24 hours before. You’ll also find the EXTRA interview with Hersh Cohen there.

If you would prefer to take WEALTHTRACK with you on your commute or travels, you can now find the WEALTHTRACK podcast on TuneIn, Stitcher, and SoundCloud as well as iTunes. Find out more on the WEALTHTRACK Podcast page.

Thank you for watching. Have a lovely weekend and make the week ahead a profitable and a productive one.

Best regards,


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