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Hey, bondland; what ya do'in ???

U.S. equity category returns range from +3.7 through +7.4% based on Jan. 10 data.

Just some data here. One may choose their own overview of where money is traveling and why.

>>>This chart contains the "golden cross" indicator. I'm not concerned about the names, only the LINES. So who is buying, eh???
IEF ETF (7-10 year T-notes) 6 month chart

>>>This chart would fall into the "death cross" mode, if this was price based. Keep in mind when viewing, this graphic represents YIELD. The 50 day continues to fall below the 100 and 200 day yield averages.
U.S. 10 year yield, 3 month view

Folks are buy'in U.S. corporate bonds, too.
LQD, 6 month chart

And now back to higher volume with Pink Floyd playing in the background.
Hey, have a good remainder.


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    Bought Fbnd recently for mama portfolio.. She is getting ready retire can't take big risks...

    I bought Verizon bond few days ago yield 7.5 Ytm7. 5%. many funds etf hold this bond.... 852060at9 cusip although junk rating... Watch it very closely
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  • @davidrmoran, just curious as to what you are thinking. Why an ultra short bond fund when you can get about 50% higher yield with a 1 year CD, with less risk?
  • just want to be able to dip into it at will, that's all, using it like ML version of SPRXX, if I can

    by 'dip into' I mean have it there over the summer when it is time to replenish checking cashflow
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