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Help with navigating out of longer threads

edited May 2011 in Technical Questions
When a thread gets lengthy I find it difficult scrolling back to the top of the thread in search of the options "off topic" or "Fund Discussion" etc. Would it be possible to have these options embedded in the thread...maybe along with the reply or edit hyperlinks?

Thanks for your time


  • edited November 2011
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • edited November 2011
  • This is a great site, and I enjoy posting and reading others comments. I have to admit that in my opinion, the navigation of this site is in definite need of improvement. There is a post with 2 replies. I posted my reply first and the author responded. His reply posted an hour later, is above mine. It doesn't look like a reply to his original post, as I don't see it indented.

    Regardless of this one example, I am finding it difficult to find new replies on longer threads, as they can be anywhere in the thread. While I don't expect an immediate solution, I hope that you do give this some consideration in the future.
  • edited June 2011
    Coincidentally, this comment is an example of the problem -- it appears at the top of the reply stack even though it was posted two weeks after to oldest previous reply.

    Regarding bee's original scrolling issue, another quick way to scroll to either top or bottom using your mouse is to click and hold on the scroll bar and drag it to the top or bottom; you can cover a lot of ground with a pretty small quick gesture that way.
  • edited June 2011
    However, after posting my reply to "Anonymous Maurice" the comment moved to the bottom of the stack in my browser... very odd.
  • Howdy,

    YES, the long threads; and there surely will be more in the future; are most difficult to define starts and stops; and unless the subject line is a real grabber for my attention, I may bypass the whole post. Not my preference, but only so much time in me day.

    Take care,
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